Always On Call Health Services

Kelly Currier

Kelly’s experience working within the healthcare industry began in 1983 at the early age of 16. With over 38 years of healthcare experience, Kelly has worked in various healthcare settings which include: Adult and Pediatric Nursing Homes, Adult Day Health Programs, Hospitals, Hospice Care, and Home Health Care.

Kelly grew up in Carlisle, MA. where she attended the Carlisle Public School system and later graduated from Minute Man Vocational Technical High School in 1986. While attending school, Kelly began working part-time at Suburban Manor Nursing Home in Acton, MA as a Certified Nurses’ Assistant and later transitioned to working full-time after graduating high school.

After years of working as CNA in the nursing home, Kelly enrolled in additional educational courses to further her knowledge as a CNA. Through this training she attained her CNA II certificate which allowed her to become the lead CNA which provided her the opportunity to pass on her passion and knowledge by teaching others how to care and help people. She furthered the scope of her knowledge by taking additional courses in wound care and bedsores so she could provide in-service trainings to teach others repositioning techniques and preventative care.

After leaving the nursing home, she began working in Lowell General Hospital and later left the hospital to work for Nashoba Nursing & Hospice where she received medication certification in home health and hospice. Kelly has also worked at the ATI Adult Day Health program and then for New England Pediatrics where she assisted children with their activities of daily living. Before coming to Always On Call, Kelly worked in a home health care office setting where she assisted with scheduling. Kelly has gained valuable knowledge in each area of healthcare that she has worked which has only strengthened her passion.

Outside of work, Kelly enjoys riding horses and attending horse shows on the weekends. She has a love for animals and through the years has had many animals such as dogs, pigs, horses, goats, and ducks. When she is not tending to her animals, she enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, Bryce, and her daughter’s horse named “Whiskey” and dog named “Spud”.

When asked why she became a caregiver, Kelly responds by saying “I have always wanted to be a nurse. I love helping people and making a difference in their lives. That is why I became a caregiver.”