Always On Call Health Services

2015 Sentinel & Enterprise – Salute to Women

Virginia Obara health care professional finds many ways to serve community

By Peter Jasinski,

After only a few minutes, it becomes very clear that Virginia “Vicky” Obara is a very busy woman.

She is on the board of directors and is the acting branch registered nurse administrator for Always on Call Health Services, a company she founded with her husband, Mike, in 1999.

In her work with Always on Call, Vicky’s clients have ranged from pediatrics to geriatrics, but has found most of her work has been with the elderly.

“I love working with them. I love their stories and what they have to tell us,” she said. “What we have to learn from our clients is just incredible.”

Through this business, she has hosted fundraisers through the Relay for Life Cancer Walk, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and Cell Phones for Soldiers. She’s a member of the Massachusetts Home Care Council, the Northern Worcester County Alzheimer Partnership, and the chambers of commerce for the Nashoba Valley and north central Massachusetts.

In her spare time, she teaches CPR and first aid to local families living with disabled love ones.

If you ask Vicky how she finds time for it all, she’ll say, “I don’t really know how. I just do it. It’s not like I enjoy being at home, watching TV for hours. I’d rather just do something productive.”

With the way she’s built her life, it seems possible that Vicky Obara hasn’t sat in front of a TV for a long, long time.

“I started when I was 14. I loved health care and my aunt was already a nurse,” she said.

he journey started with a position as a Candy Striper in a local nursing home where she grew up in Rhode Island. After marrying young and having three kids, Vicky continued working as she went to school, receiving degrees in human services and nursing from Mount Wachusett Community College and Fitchburg State University respectively.

It was a difficult and busy time for Vicky and her family, but in the end it paid off.

Vicky has three sons, who have all gone off in very different directions. One works on Wall Street; another is a professional disc jockey. Brandon, her youngest son, followed in his mother’s footsteps, going on to work at Always on Call Health Services alongside Vicky.

“I wanted to show my kids that whatever you want to be in life, you can do. And I wanted to show them by example.”