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Home Health Care Services, When is the Right Time?

Home Health Care Services, When is the Right Time?

So… you have just visited your parents over the summer and realize that something is just not quite right?  They are living in their own home and want to stay there, but you notice that they are not functioning as well as they used to.  The house is messy, bills are piling up and they appear a bit disheveled.  You are questioning  whether it is time to obtain home care services in order to keep them safe and independent in their own home for as long as possible……BUT where do you begin???

This is a dilemma, many of us experience as our loved ones age.  They may become frail, suffer memory loss, become ill or have mobility issues.  Home health care services are available to help individuals remain independent and safe in their own home, while maintaining their dignity and well-being. Having a reputable agency that can provide qualified individuals to go into your loved ones’ home and assist with personal care and activities of daily living will provide you and them with security and much needed peace of mind.

If you notice any of the following 15 situations when visiting your loved ones, NOW may be a good time to begin your search for home care.

  1. Unopened Mail – Unopened mail piling up or not taken out of the mailbox, bills piling up or utilities shut off for non-payment
  2. Lack of Home Maintenance – Changes in the cleanliness of home or apartment, clutter building up, housekeeping tasks left unfinished, laundry piling up
  3. Neglected Yard Maintenance – Lawn not mowed, weeds overgrown, garbage/trash not taken out
  4. Driving Accidents & Incidents – Unexplained scratches, damage to their vehicle, increased number of minor accidents
  5. Poor Personal Appearance – Changes in appearance, wrinkled or dirty clothing, not bathing, poor hygiene, teeth not brushed, uncombed hair, dirty, untrimmed toe and fingernails
  6. Changes in Mood – Noticeable changes in mood and mental status, subtle behavior changes, anxiety, fearfulness, increased mood swings, personality changes, depression, tearfulness, crying, withdrawal
  7. Decreased Activity – Loss of interest in past pleasurable activities and hobbies, increased sleeping during the day, not doing outdoor activities they once enjoyed
  8. Social Isolation – Not participating in activities or social events that one enjoyed, not getting together with friends and family, not wanting visitors, not attending events and celebrations
  9. Poor Judgment – Not dressing appropriately for weather, trusting strangers with their personal information, buying large numbers of items from telephone scams, TV commercials, door to door salesmen and through the mail
  10. Confusion – Getting lost while driving or walking routine places, losing track of time and place, getting dates/times and places mixed up
  11. Increasing Forgetfulness – Searching for the phone, car keys, and rummaging for household items, and not remembering appointments, important dates and commitments
  12. Lack of Proper Diet – Poor nutrition, poor food choices, inadequate amount of food in the home, expired food in fridge and freezer, weight loss or weight gain
  13. Mismanaged Medications – Medications are not being taken at all, some doses are missed, some medications taken incorrectly or not picked up at the pharmacy
  14. Poor Balance – Difficulty with balance, ambulating or standing, increased vertigo, difficulty getting up out of bed or chair
  15. Injuries & Falls – Unexplained bruising, abrasions, injuries, reports of frequent falls

As seen in the list above, everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, meal prep, medications, errands and housekeeping can be overwhelming when you do not have the physical or cognitive ability to get them done.

Hiring the right professional caregiver will not only provide your loved one with their home care needs, but it will also decrease stress and anxiety for you knowing that they are being supported and well cared for while maintaining their dignity and self-esteem.

Call us today to see how we can help you.  Always On Call Health Services, Inc. could be the answer you are looking for.