Always On Call Health Services


From P.W.


“If you find yourself like I did last year, caring for an elderly parent who needs more care and assistance than you can provide, then perhaps Always On Call can help you.  They certainly helped me when I needed someone several days a week  to help care for my 88 year old father who refused to enter an assisted living but who was truly incapable of looking after himself.  For the duration of the time that I had Always On Call they were consistently communicative, dependable, and flexible, three qualities that I appreciate very much.  They were easy to get a hold of and kept their word about returning calls.  They were accommodating when I had to make changes in the care schedule we worked out.  And in all my interactions with them they were friendly, competent and understanding.  I can, without hesitation or reservation, recommend Always On Call for anyone who needs the types of services that my family did.”