Always On Call Health Services

Thank you, L.B.

“I have been extremely pleased with the help that Always On Call has provided me. Since I take care of my husband 24 hours a day all week long, I need dedicated professionals to stay with him so that, I can manage simple chores like getting groceries or going to the doctor’s appointments. And sometimes, I simply need a reprieve from the pressures of being a full time care taker.

Initially, my husband who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and Dementia was resistant to have strangers come in to stay with him. However, the women that care for his needs have won him over with their attentiveness and positive demeanor. He generally looks forward to their visits.

Finally, and perhaps most important, Carol is like a life line for me. When a need arises, no matter what short notice I give her, she gets someone to come over. Simply stated; I can’t do without them. “